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i2i Security supply, install and service CCTV surveillance digital recording equipment including 16 channel DVRs, NCRs and hybrid standalone DCRs to homes and businesses in Oakville, Burlington and the Toronto area. 

Advances in Digital Recording technology over recent years have been of immense benefit to users of CCTV. A DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is a recording device which stores all the images onto internal hard drives and presents views of all cameras on a display. All recorded footage can be viewed simultaneously across all the cameras on the system. A user can go back to any time in the recording and playback a recording in a matter of seconds. The recorded images can be archived on hard drives or CDs.

The DVRs can be controlled to allow live and recorded footage to be viewed over the Internet using a Browser or Client software. This allows you to view your premises from anywhere in the world, additionally, PTZ cameras can also be controlled remotely over the internet.

Although digital surveillance technology has revolutionized the CCTV security industry, industry experts like i2i Security caution that all Digital Video Recorders (DVR) are not alike. Digital video surveillance technology could use either stand alone units or PC-based software which operates in conjunction with DVR cards (video cards which plug into computer terminals).

PC-based systems, while less expensive than a quality stand alone DVR, are easily compromised by hackers, are prone to viruses, and often run into problems after upgrading operating software.

Digital video recording security systems provide many features and benefits.

Benefits of Digital Recording

  • Simple to use
  • No more video tape management problems
  • Constant recording
  • Improved image quality
  • User determines images per second recording quality of each camera
  • Built-in motion detection features and alarm activation options
  • Fast image search and retrieval
  • Instant playback selection by either “time and date” or event log
  • Live images are still recorded when viewing playback

Benefits of Networking Feature

  • Greater flexibility of viewing and control of your sites
  • Images can be networked onto different PCs around your site
  • Images can be viewed remotely on your PC at home or a laptop
  • Connect to your site by modem, telephone line or via the internet

Surveillance DVR – Digital Video Recorders

Even as the industry shifts its focus to IP-based video security, the traditional combination of analogue cameras and Digital Video Recorders delivers a cost-effective approach to video security for millions of applications and customers around the globe.
For small and medium-sized installations that demand high-quality video and the ability to quickly and efficiently search, manage and archive videos, Digital Video Recorders will continue to play a large role today and in future applications.

Surveillance NVR – Network Video Recorders

When the security mission requires an all-IP system, Network Video Recorders meet customers’ needs – from medium-sized installations with tens or hundreds of cameras to mission-critical environments with hundreds to thousands of cameras and hundreds of users.

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