Static CCTV Surveillance Cameras

CCTV Surveillance Cameras are ideal for viewing, monitoring and recording specific areas and events.

When designing CCTV systems for effective 24 hour surveillance there are particular considerations which must be addressed regarding the performance of the system:
1.    Camera Type
2.    Illumination
3.    Lens

All cameras are not the same, and the choice of which camera type to use will be dependent specifically upon the camera location, environmental conditions and the image detail required.

A few of the Static Cameras i2i Security supply to homes and businesses in Oakville, Burlington and the Toronto area are:

  • Internal
  • Wide Dynamic
  • External Low Light
  • Dual Chip
  • Internal Static Dome
  • External Static Dome
  • Dual Chip Static Dome


Low Light and Day/Night & Infra-Red Cameras

With recent advances in technology Low Light and Day/ Night Cameras and Integrated Infrared Cameras are becoming increasingly popular. Standard colour cameras, whilst being suitable for most internal and normal external applications, will not perform well in low light illumination.

Day/ Night Cameras overcome this problem by allowing the camera to record in colour under normal light conditions and automatically switching to Black and White in low light environments. Some Day/ Night Cameras are also Infra Red Sensitive, allowing for the use of integrated or separate Infra Red Lighting to increase the camera’s range in low light and complete darkness. Whilst this is achieved electronically in some cameras, higher quality cameras incorporate a mechanical cut filter which produces better quality operation under Infra Red Light.

The bottom line is the better the level of illumination, the better the image quality.

Additional advancements in backlight compensation have also allowed indoor cameras looking outwards or directly into sunlit areas to be capable of presenting much clearer images by eliminating much of the excess light from the image.

Wide Dynamic Cameras

Wide Dynamic type cameras allow an operator to clearly identify a person’s face, for example, where a camera without backlight compensations would only see a dark image with very few recognizable features.

Cameras will always produce a better image when the majority of the lighting is from behind the camera or directed in the same direction as the camera. Indoor cameras should be placed away from light sources that are non-directional, such as florescent lighting. The best place for an indoor camera with relation to light is a position where the light source will not hit the camera lens directly.

Vari-Focal Lenses

The choice of lens will simply be determined by the image detail required from each camera view. i2i Security installs vari-focal lenses with each static camera. These are manually adjusted at the time of installation to display the optimum view.

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